Saint Theresa

Farmville, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $206,000


Saint Theresa Parish Case

Our parish will receive one-third of all the funds we receive up to our campaign goal of $206,000, and 2/3rds of all money raised over our goal. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $68,667

To learn more or to pledge online, please visit our website, Painting of Interior of Church As part of the parish’s planned maintenance, the interior of the church is past due for a complete painting. The painting will restore the walls, clean the surfaces of dirt and soot while restoring it to its original beauty.

Replacement of Sidewalk and Steps

Replacement of the sidewalk and steps to Buffalo Avenue is of critical need. With limited parking so many members of the parish must use this path as entry and egress for Masses and celebrations. A new sidewalk and steps will make it a safe and dependable surface for all to use.

Maintenance Reserve

To provide for our ability to be prepared to meet future maintenance and emergency needs, the parish will add approximately $27,000 into a fund that will only be used when the Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and Pastor must respond to a non-operating need.

Parish Hall Fund

As the parish continues to raise and save funds for the ultimate renovation of the Parish Hall, we will add approximately $27,000 to this account and further bolster our savings and shorten the time until we can begin to address this need.



The parishes that make up the Central Virginia Catholic Cluster, proudly stand as a symbol of all that the Catholic Church represents here in southside Virginia. Parts of our Cluster go back over 100 years. With all the grace God has blessed us in our parish communities, we once more have an opportunity in participating in, Living Our Mission Campaign, and all it will due, to help the Diocese of Richmond continue to spread God’s message in many ways throughout the diocese and our area.

Rev. Anthony Morris

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