Saint Charles Borromeo

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $152,000


Parish Share: $101,333

St. Charles Borromeo will receive 2/3 of the funds we raise up to our goal of $152,000 over the five year pledge period. We will receive 90% of any funds donated above our goal. Saint Charles Borromeo is a Catholic Community of Faith, which is dedicated to prayerful worship of our Lord, and Savior, providing a welcoming place to others, Christian service to all our neighbors and grateful stewardship of our earthly home.

St. Charles Borromeo Social Ministry Fund – $101,333

The fund can assist our efforts to help the very poor in our Eastern Shore community.

Our parishioners have a strong spiritual connection and fantastic track record with assisting the poorest in our community. In this year of mercy, our parish share of the ‘Living Our Mission’ (LOM) donations collected over the five year campaign pledge period will be devoted to corporal works of mercy by strengthening our social ministry efforts. The actual amount of funds available for our social ministry work will depend upon the amount pledged and then collected. However, if we met our goal, it may be as much as $20,000 annually for five years.

As Pope Francis has said: “We have to state, without mincing words, that there is an inseparable bond between our faith and the poor.” We will form a group of interested volunteers to: (1) assess the need for additional funding of current parish social ministry programs (Cape Charles Food Pantry, Food Bank of the Eastern Shore, Helping Hands, Lighthouse Ministries, Migrant Ministry, Northampton Social Ministry and the Pregnancy Center on the Eastern Shore); and (2) investigate possible new parish social ministry programs in which to invest a share of our funds. New parish outreach initiatives may include: Hispanic Outreach Services, Meals for the Poor – On Wheels and/or starting a Breslin Hall Soup Kitchen (eat-in or deliver meals to the needy).

To position our parish efforts to feed the poor via Helping Hands and, perhaps, providing prepared meals for the poor, we will need to look into upgrading our parish Kitchen (e.g., new freezer, stove, dishwasher, etc.). Our parish kitchen appliances are quite old. We would investigate using a portion of our LOM share to upgrade the kitchen so we can fulfill some of our social ministry missions. Of course, other parish events using our kitchen will benefit from any kitchen appliance upgrades made with LOM funds.

With the existing and potentially new social ministry programs, every single dollar helps our poorest neighbors – no overhead, all volunteers!


The Living Our Mission campaign is a great opportunity to strengthen the Christian roots and reach of our Diocese community and help both: our poorest neighbors in their struggle for a life of dignity; and, us all on our life long journey to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Father Michael

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