Saint Benedicts

Chesapeake, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $269,000


St. Benedict’s Parish Case

Living Our Mission is a capital campaign which invites gifts that will provide benefits both to St. Benedict’s and to the Diocese of Richmond. Our parish will receive $90,000, which is one third of our set goal. If we reach our campaign goal of $269,00 our parish will receive an additional two thirds of all money raised over our goal. The funds received by St. Benedict’s will be used to serve parishioners in the following way:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $90,000

Construction of Outdoor Playground

Family life is an important element of St. Benedict’s identity. Every Sunday, the families in our parish drive from near and far to celebrate the Mass in Extraordinary Form. After Mass, many families and parishioners spend time in fellowship and recreation outside. Currently, our parish does not have an adequate space for our children to play during this time of fellowship. A playground will provide the children with a safe and fun area where parents and families can enjoy each other’s company while still watching their children.




By sharing our resources with others, we ensure not only the continued health and growth of the faith in the Diocese, but also secure the needs of our own parish. Participating in the Living Our Mission campaign accomplishes this in a remarkable way.

Fr. Neal Nichols, FSSP Pastor ~ Fr. Peter Byrne, FSSP Assistant Pastor

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