Church of Saint Therese

Chesapeake, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $737,000


Church of St.Therese Parish Case

Living Our Mission is a capital campaign which invites gifts that will provide benefits to St. Therese and the Diocese of Richmond. Our parish will receive $246,000, which is one third of our set goal. If we reach our campaign goal of $737,000, our parish will receive an additional two thirds of all money raised over our goal. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Parish Share: $246,000

Case Element 1: Expand Justice and Peace Outreach Ministries, $125,000

We plan to expand our ministry by regularly participating in programs such as Stop Hunger Now, sponsoring trips to Maison Fortune, the Haitian Orphanage with which we twin, providing financial assistance to Oasis, PVH, and PARC, and increasing funds to help those in the community in need of assistance. Additionally,
we plan on hiring a part-time employee to focus on the Justice & Peace Ministry.

Case Element 2: Youth and Young Adult Ministries, $75,000

We will provide additional service opportunities and activities for the youth and young adults in our parish. As the needs of our youth and young adult ministries continue to grow, we will fund additional hours for our part-time Youth Minister and initiate the hire of a part-time minister to focus on Young Adults.

Case Element 3: Repair, Maintenance, and Capital Improvement Fund, $46,000

With a building that is over 40 years old, we will address current needs and be prepared to address future needs by increasing the funding in our capital improvement account. We will address needs like re-carpeting the commons, replacing flooring in the classrooms, creating additional storage space, and refinishing our wood pews.



Here at St. Therese, we have been blessed in so many ways. May we always reach out and help those in need, especially the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Rev. Kevin J. Brien

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