Church of the Epiphany

Richmond, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,200,000


Living Our Mission is a capital and endowment campaign which invites gifts to provide support, growth and benefit to Church of the Epiphany as well as the Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Since our opening in 1979, we have been a welcoming home for spiritual and educational growth, evangelization and community for the Greater Richmond area. This campaign will allow us to continue our parish mission as well as provide a bright future for generations to come. The Living Our Mission campaign will provide to our parish one-third of all that is collected up to our goal of $1,200,000 and a bonus level of two-thirds of the collected funds raised over our goal. The $400,000 we anticipate receiving will advance our parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $400,000

Element 1: Refreshing Our Church: $225,000

The mission of Church of the Epiphany is to provide an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and love to communicate the word and sacrament of God to a faith-filled community. In order to fulfill our duty, we must immediately set to work on refreshing our Church building and its grounds. With a large portion of the funds returned to us from the Living Our Mission campaign, we will be able to accomplish needed upgrades to the interior and exterior of our Church. For the interior, the Centrum, Commons, Hall and Office will all be painted with the Centrum and Commons receiving new lighting and sound systems as well as audio-visual equipment. In addition, the exterior of the building will be painted and the parking lot will be resurfaced. By accomplishing these objectives, we will be able to create a warm and welcoming environment for visitors and those who call Epiphany home.

Element 2: Providing for Our Future: $100,000

With the reality of an aging building, our parish must be in a position to not just address the immediate building needs, but also those for the future. Over the next five to ten years, we will need to replace the roof and floors and build a new parish hall. The Living Our Mission campaign will allow our parish to begin saving for these projects as well as providing us an exciting opportunity to develop a site plan for the new parish hall.



Element 3: Responding to Those in Need: $50,000

Human Concerns Outreach is a cornerstone of Epiphany’s mission to identify and respond to the needs of the deprived, neglected and oppressed, both within our parish and the larger community. Over the past five years, Epiphany has provided more than $360,000 in grants to local and international organizations who provide food and shelter for the homeless, care for the elderly and mentally ill, and medical support to those in need, as well as over $100,000 in emergency financial assistance to members of our community who are in crisis. The Living Our Mission campaign will allow us to expand our ministry opportunities such as supporting our mission programs in Honduras and Jamaica as well as providing funding for future grant requests. By growing our programs for those in need, we will be fulfilling our duty to assist those suffering and in need within our community.



Element 4: Growing Our Evangelization Ministry: $25,000

The five-year pastoral plan for evangelization is a milestone event in our Church as it focuses on bringing “fallen-away” Catholics back to our parishes as well as welcoming new Catholics into the Faith. In order to proactively move these efforts forward, the Living Our Mission campaign will provide funds to develop programs that invigorate and unite us in our Faith as Catholic Christians. These funds will allow us to provide the opportunities for a deeper level of engagement in our Church both with ourselves and the larger parish community

The Living Our Mission Campaign is a great opportunity for us as people of God to come together to support the Evangelization Mission in our Diocese and Parish using the blessings God has given us. Let us wholeheartedly participate in this Campaign with Faith and Love knowing that our efforts and sacrifices today will facilitate the continued growth of our beloved Epiphany Church and the Diocese at large.

Rev. John Kazibwe

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