Church of the Good Shepherd

Smithfield, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $247,000


Our parish will receive one-third of all the proceeds we receive up to our campaign goal of $247,000 and a bonus level of two-thirds of the funds raised over our goal. Our share of funds will help build up the Church of the Good Shepherd community.

Element 1: Improving our Existing Facilities ($32,000)

Planning for the future needs of our Church and parish facilities, the Parish Council has prioritized the need for facilities improvements including repairs and replacements that will be required to keep Good Shepherd thriving. Funding secured through Living Our Mission pledges will provide for several pressing upgrades. As it matches the pledge period of the campaign, with cash flow corresponding with expenditures, funding will allow for timely improvements to existing facilities.


Element 2: Building a Brighter Future – Establishing a Parish Endowment ($18,000)

Building the endowment fund at the Church of the Good Shepherd through the Living Our Mission campaign will provide a significant step forward in growing a fund that can be used to support the future of our ministries and programs. This endowment fund will not only supplement our budgetary needs moving forward, it will also allow us to free up funds for new projects and activities that will enhance the life of our parish.

Element 3: Strengthening Our Finances – Reduce Rectory Debt ($32,000)

Parish leadership would like to eliminate the current parish debt as soon as possible. With these and our majority share of over goal campaign proceeds, we can reduce our mortgage which will free up funds to build our growing parish ministry.


The Living Our Mission Diocesan campaign is a big boost to our Parish and the Diocesean programs and projects. It is a wonderful challenge and, working together as one, I know we can exceed our goal. I ask all of you to support this campaign for our parish betterment and for extending help to our brothers and sisters in need.

Fr. Oscar Paraiso

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