Church of the Holy Angels

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $178,000


Dedicated as a parish in 1933, Holy Angels Catholic Church in Cradock began as a mission of St. Paul’s in 1919, just one year after construction began on the nation’s first government-funded planned community. Developed to provide more decent housing for shipyard workers, the historic Cradock neighborhood has always nurtured a spirit of hospitality and community. Holy Angels parish is a community of committed disciples of Jesus, who welcome all people and who seek to share
the good news through worship, service and witness.

Today, Holy Angels, along with the other Cluster Parishes of Portsmouth and Chesapeake, has the opportunity to grow in communion with the local church by participating in the Living Our Mission campaign. Through this historic effort, Holy Angels will advance the needs of our church for the next generation by supporting shared ministries to those who are seeking Christ in their life, especially our youth and young adults. Living Our Mission will also support our seminarians and retired clergy and contribute to ongoing formation efforts, social ministry, and outreach to parishes in need across the Diocese of Richmond.

Parish Share Goal: $119,000

Parish Case Element: Maintaining Our Facility

Two-thirds of the proceeds collected through the Living Our Mission campaign; a significant portion equaling $119,000 of our $178,000 goal will come back to Holy Angels to supplement the $100,000 already set aside by the parish. Together these funds will be used to address critically needed roof repairs for the Church and Social Hall which includes new gutters, and repairs to areas where there is water damage, both inside the church and around the windows. As the funds are raised, the various roof and repair projects will be completed based on their priority, with the Church roof being the most important. Through your generous participation, Holy Angels can responsibly maintain our campus, which is so vital to our parish mission, while actively supporting the shared mission of the wider church.



The parishes that make up the Portsmouth and Chesapeake Catholic Cluster, proudly stand as a symbol of all that the Catholic Church represents here in Tidewater Virginia. Some of the parishes of our Cluster go back over 100 years. With all the grace God has blessed us in our parish communities, we once more have an opportunity to participate in the Living Our Mission Campaign, and all it will do to help the Diocese of Richmond continue to spread God’s message in many ways throughout the diocese and our area.

Rev. Anthony Wm. Morris Pastor

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