Church of the Holy Family

Virginia Beach, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,500,000


Church of the Holy Family will receive 54% of the funds we raise up to our goal of $1,500,000 and 90% of any funds raised over our goal. Our parish case was developed through an extensive consultation process with the finance council, parish council, staff, and the feedback of many of our parishioners. Our parish share will enable us to:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $817,000

Repairs and Maintenance Updates – $500,000

With a building now 30 years old, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system has reached its life’s capacity and must be replaced. Part of addressing the HVAC will include water-proofing parts of the building. In addition, the lighting system used by our parish is antiquated and has become a safety hazard. A new, energy-efficient system will be installed that will ultimately save money in the long run and better illuminate the worship space. Finally, by hiring acoustical engineers and installing a new sound system, the beautiful music our choir produces will be amplified, and the ability of all the parishioners to hear the Word of God proclaimed through the readings and through the homily will be enhanced.

Social Ministry Endowment – $100,000

Our parish family has a long history of social justice and outreach to the poor. In both our local community and our brothers and sisters abroad, there is constant and continual need for the Love of Christ to be shared with those in need. By creating an endowment to support our social ministries, we ensure our legacy of education and service flourishes for many generations to come.

Address the Needs of our Kitchen – $50,000

The kitchen in our parish is used by many people and for many events in our community. Currently, the workspace is not laid out well and some of the appliances are insufficient or are reaching the end of their lives. By updating those appliances and creating a better workspace, those who use the kitchen will be able to better perform their services.

Building Improvement Fund – $167,000

In an effort to be more inclusive to all parishioners, we plan on improving the accessibility of the worship space. An architectural plan will be created prior to construction in order to increase the accessibility while maintaining the current chair configuration. This fund will also help address current and future needs of our buildings.



Living Our Mission provides Church of the Holy Family with a way to answer its call to be a missionary Church by supporting the proclamation of the Good News in our local and universal Church. As we generously share God’s blessing, we help build up the Church not only for our generation but also for future generations who will continue the Church’s mission proclaiming the joy of the Gospel.

Rev. Gaudencio Pugat

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