Church of the Redeemer

Mechanicsville, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $832,000



Element 1: Funds designated to Social Justice/Outreach. (10%) – $28,000

Redeemer is known for reaching beyond our doors to help others who are in need.The Outreach Committee has been asked to help two different agencies with a meal program which would serve formerly homeless/working poor in Richmond and the families of children in Hospice. The Committee would also like to expand our ministry to older adults. Funds for this ministry would directly benefit our own parishioners during times of crisis. We currently offer bereavement groups and counseling but, with additional funds could greatly increase the services here instead of referring to outside resources. In the past, Redeemer has helped with families relocating to Virginia through Refugee and Immigration Services. There is a new wave of families coming to the US from Afghanistan. Men who sided with the US and became translators for the military are now fleeing Afghanistan and the Taliban in fear of their lives and that of their families. Commonwealth Catholic Charities is looking for churches to help these families. With additional funds, Redeemer could support these families who have given up so much to help our military



Element 2: Payoff Building Fund Bank Loan. (72%) – $200,000

In June of 2015 we will have used all of the funds currently available and will still owe $200,000 on the building fund loan. This latest renovation project included the addition of our Multi-purpose space, our kitchen and additional office space, as well as the renovations to Genesis Hall. These proceeds will allow us to pay off the loan and relieve the parish of the $10,000 monthly payment.


Element 3: Replace existing church entrance doors and install ADA handicapped accessible hardware. (18%) – $50,000

This will address the problem a lot of people are having with opening the entrance doors to our church. It will also allow easier access to the building for those who are wheelchair bound or handicapped.

Message from the Pastor

The Living Our Mission campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God’s people. Your faith-filled generosity will be a grace to you, will assist us here at Church of the Redeemer parish, and will advance our sacred work as the Body of Christ.

Father Jay

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