Church of the Sacred Heart

Prince George, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $300,000


Living Our Mission is a capital campaign, which invites gifts to provide support, growth, and benefit to Church of the Sacred Heart as well as the Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Since its establishment in 1906, Sacred Heart has been a welcoming home for spiritual growth, evangelization, and community for the Prince George and Tri Cities area. This campaign will enable our parish to grow in faith and service while also creating a brighter future for generations to come. The $100,000 will be used to advance our parish in the following ways:

Parish Share: $100,000

Church of the Sacred Heart will use the money raised through our participation in this campaign to begin the process of building a new parish hall. Our current parish hall is over one hundred years old and inadequate for our current needs. Building a new hall closer to the Church will allow for larger community events
that will help to grow our parish community. This will eventually provide a greater forum for parish activities than our current parish center and hall.



Church of the Sacred Heart is a community that can take pride in the level of support demonstrated historically. From the parish’s beginnings in 1906, with families pooling their resources to erect the first building at Church of the Sacred Heart, the parish community has continued to respond to the need for growth. The Living Our Mission campaign is an opportunity to take the next step in our own growth and that of the Diocese as well.

Rev. Christopher Hess, Pastor

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