Church of the Visitation

Middlesex County, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,000,000

Living Our Mission is a campaign; which supports the current and future growth of our Church and will benefit both Church of the Visitation Parish and the Diocese of Richmond. Church of the Visitation Parish has always been known as a warm and welcoming community, committed to evangelizing the faith and building towards a blessed future. Our parish will receive $80,000, or two-thirds of our parish goal towards the two parish projects listed below. Our parish goal is $120,000. If we reach this goal, our parish will receive 90% of all of the funds raised over the goal and these will also be used for the following projects:

Parish Share: $80,000

Parish Building Fund Project – $60,000

In 2008, we completed phase I of a Building expansion and renovation program, Phase II is the construction of a new Sanctuary. A portion of the present Sanctuary would become a fellowship hall and the remaining part a Narthex (Common’s Area). Since the completion of Phase I we have been slowly accumulating funds in a Building Fund to reach the minimum amount required by the Dioceses for planning a major renovation. The Living Our Mission campaign will allow our parish to continue saving for this project as well as pay for any other unforeseen major repairs that may arise.

Parish Kitchen Renovation Project – $20,000

The original church and related facilities, to include the kitchen, were built in 1985. Though adequate in its day, the kitchen is now crowded, relies on electricity exclusively for cooking, and is barely adequate for our needs when we are hosting large social events and funerals. Kitchen expansion has become a necessity if we are to keep up with the demands of a growing community. By completing this renovation, we will be able to create a more warm and welcoming environment for visitors and those who call Church of the Visitation home when conducting large church-related events.




We the community of the Church of the Visitation wish to work with Bishop Dilorenzo to promote and support the Living Our Mission Campaign. During the past years our church community has benefited from the financial support from the Diocese which we have used for helping families with food and hunger needs along with a grant from the Home Mission Fund which will be used to build a more attractive entrance to our church. I urge all of us to join hands and make this venture a success in building the Body of Christ of which we are a part.

Rev. Robert Cummins, Pastor

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