Good Samaritan

Amelia, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $27,000


Good Samaritan Parish Case

Good Samaritan will receive $18,000, which is two thirds of all the funds collected up to goal. If the parish reaches its campaign goal of $27,000, it will receive 90% of all funds collected over the goal. The funds received by Good Samaritan will advance the parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $18,000

Case Element 1: Augment the Good Samaritan Buildingand Grounds Improvement Fund – $9,000

Good Samaritan is blessed to be a growing Catholic community in Amelia. As the parish continues to grow, the need for building improvements will become a greater reality. With funds generated through the Living Our Mission campaign, our parish will be able to augment the Good Samaritan Building and Grounds Improvement Fund which will address future maintenance such as expanding the parking lot, beautifying the landscape and providing other repairs as needed.

Case Element 2: Provide Formation for Youth and Adult Parish Leadership – $4,500

Every parish must provide its parishioners robust formation opportunities so as to build a strong Christ-centered environment. At the same time, they must devote time and resources to growing the next generation of Catholic leaders. With funding from the Living Our Mission campaign, these goals will be achieved as Good Samaritan will provide liturgical and catechetical leadership training for our Anglo and Hispanic parishioners as well as build programs aimed at grounding children in their faith.

Case Element 3: Supply the Parish with Additional Furnitureand Fixtures – $4,500

In order to complete the renovation of the basement, which will also impact the parish hall, the Living Our Mission campaign will furnish Good Samaritan additional chairs, seating, tables, artwork, as well as a new television with DVR capability.

Relative to our small size, Good Samaritan parish consistently “˜punches above its weight” in terms of generous giving and serving the community of Amelia. The Living Our Mission Campaign is an opportunity to strengthen our resources for future stability, invest in developing our gifts and leadership, so as to more effectively share Christ’s love with those around us, and to help support the needs of our diocese. I know you will join me in answering this call.

Rev. Eric Ayers

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