Holy Comforter

Charlottesville, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $392,000


Toward a More Christ-Focused Community

The “mother church” of Charlottesville, Holy Comforter Parish has served as a home for Catholics, a cornerstone of the downtown community, and a witness to our faith for over 130 years. Our stately, historic church, commons, and lower level enable us to worship God, build fellowship with one another, and serve those who come to us in need. The Living Our Mission campaign calls us to strengthen our parish and the larger Church to flourish for generations to come. Our parish will receive 1/3 of the funds we raise up to our goal of $392,000 and 2/3 of any funds raised over our goal. Our parish case was developed through extensive, broad consultation with the parish community, including multiple focus groups and a parish-wide survey. Our parish share will enable us to:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $131,000

Renovate the Lower Level and the Chapel – $75,000

In addition to forming our children in the faith, we build fellowship with each other through parish events and serve hundreds of those in need through our outreach ministries. Upgrading our kitchen with new cabinets, counters, etc., will facilitate the hospitality, ministries, and fellowship of our community. New movable partitions will give a fresh look to the lower level, enabling us to maximize the use of the space we have for religious education, parish gatherings, and outreach ministries. Renovating the chapel to double as a classroom and conference space will facilitate more opportunities for youth and adult faith formation, and it can still function as a cry room on Sundays.



Seed a Fund for Future Expansion – $35,000

Our most pressing need is space, but it is not possible for us to expand out or build up. As we optimize the use of the space we have, seeding a fund for the purchase of a nearby building will help us provide a long-term solution to the challenge of limited space. Building up the fund over time will put us in a much better position to expand when a nearby property becomes available.*

Contribute to Charlottesville Catholic School Endowment – $21,000

For decades, Charlottesville Catholic School has helped families form the hearts, minds, and character of their children in light of the Catholic faith. Contributing to the endowment CCS is building will help many children to benefit from this solid formation for generations to come.

*In the event that a building cannot be purchased within 15 years, these funds may be used to maximize the use of the space we currently have.

Living Our Mission invites us to move forward in joy and unity as a Christ-focused community. Your faithful generosity in this historic effort will be a blessing to you and will help many people here at Holy Comforter and throughout much of Virginia to receive the gift of faith for generations to come.

Fr. Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi

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