Holy Cross

Lynchburg, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $627,000



Element 1: Support Youth and Young Adult Ministries – $150,000

This would include hiring a Coordinator of Youth Minstry to provide vision and planning of the parish’s efforts in ministry for all young people from 6th through 12th grades. The CYM will work closely with other members of the Holy Cross staff, adult volunteers and student leaders to address the needs of a diverse Catholic community.


Element 2: Hire a Parish Young Adult Minister – $50,000

Young adults are an important portion of our community in which we need to reach out to. Young Adult Ministry provides a unique opportunity for the Church to mobilize, reach and disciple people at a critical junction in their lives. It is the objective of this position to build on current ministry structures within the parish and regional/vicariate/deanery to effectively reach, build up and minister to those in the life stages of college, singles, engaged couples, young marrieds, and young families.

Element 3: Upgrade Media Technology – $9,000

The parish plans to focus on upgrading in the area of technology. A significant upgrade to all areas of technology will demonstrate the commitment Holy Cross parish has on embracing the current digital age. These upgrades will help the parish be more relatable to the younger parishioners.

Message from the Pastor

The Living our Mission campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God’s people. Your faith-filled generosity will be a grace to you, will assist us here at Holy Cross parish, and will advance our sacred work as the Body of Christ.

Msgr. J. Kenneth Rush, Jr.

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