Holy Infant

Elkton, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $80,000


Living Our Mission is a capital and endowment campaign, which invites gifts to provide support, growth, and benefit to Holy Infant Catholic Church as well as the Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Since its early beginnings in 1951, Holy Infant has been a welcoming home for spiritual growth, evangelization, and community in the Elkton area. This campaign will enable our parish to grow in faith and service while also creating a brighter future for generations to come. Because we are a mission parish, the Living Our Mission campaign will return $53,000 to Holy Infant, which is two-thirds of our $80,000 goal. The $53,000 will be used to advance our parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $53,000

Parish Case Element 1: Building Beautification: $23,000

Holy Infant Catholic Church needs work done to maintain the beauty of the Church and parish buildings as well as maximize their functionality. Proper maintenance and repair is part of our stewardship responsibility for gifts already received. The funds raised will be used in a number of ways to create an atmosphere of peace, beauty and welcoming for our current parishioners, returning Catholics, and others considering the Catholic faith.

Parish Case Element 2: Building For Our Future: $15,000

With aging facilities and a growing parish, Holy Infant Catholic Church must address both our current needs, and our future building plans. Over the next five to ten years, the parish will need to expand the parish hall. The Living Our Mission Campaign funds will establish a savings account for any major building additions or renovations that our parish may require in the coming years, thus ensuring appropriate facilities for future generations of our parish.

Parish Case Element 3: Strengthening Our Faith: $15,000

As Catholics, our faith formation is a lifelong journey that we must continue to embrace in order to fulfill our mission of following and serving Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through the Living Our Mission Campaign, Holy Infant Catholic Church will be able to develop and support faith formation for our young children through our adults. This more profound understanding of the Catholic faith will benefit all parishioners.



Rev. Michael Mugomba

We, the present Church Community of Holy Infant, wish to rally with Bishop DiLorenzo to promote and support the Living Our Mission campaign. Recently, our church community of Holy Infant benefited from the financial support of other churches with the help of the Bishop. This aided us in restoring the AC system and completing the rectory repair. This solidarity compels us to join hands and make this venture a success in building the Body of Christ to which we are part and parcel.

Rev. Michael Mugomba

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