Holy Name Of Mary

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $251,000


Our parish will receive one-third of all funds we receive up to our campaign goal of $251,000 and two-thirds of all money raised over the goal. Here is how we intend to use our share to enhance our parish:

Parish Share: $83,666

Church Roof Replacement ($42,000)

The roof of our Church has reached the end of its functional life. One only need to look up to see the missing and damaged tiles. While repairs and loving maintenance have extended its life, we have reached the point where we must replace the roof to prevent leaks and water damage to the Church structure and interior. The replacement roof will retain the style and beauty of the Church.

Parking Lot Repairs and Relining ($11,000)

There are many cracks and fissures in our main, center parking lot in particular. Last winter’s snow removal took a toll. Also, the Rectory driveway is in serious need of repair. The parking lots are a sizeable investment we must maintain.

Church Van for Pastoral Care ($30,666)

As our parish has grown, so have the number of homebound parishioners. We have several who no longer drive but are well enough to attend Mass, yet require a ride. We would also be able to help parishioners and staff to be more involved in parish and diocesan activities.




It is the caring, compassion and generosity of the parishioners of Holy Name of Mary that makes me feel so blessed to be the pastor here.

Rev. Salvador Anonuevo

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