Holy Rosary

Richmond, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $308,000


Holy Rosary, Richmond: Strengthening Our Foundation

We have a beautiful facility and a strong history here at Holy Rosary, and addressing the needs of our parish and the larger Church through the Living Our Mission campaign will help us to build a strong future.

We will receive 1/3 of the funds we raise up to our goal of $309,000 and 2/3 of funds raised over that goal for our own local priorities. We will also receive a $200,000 grant from the Emergency Parish Capital Needs Grant Fund that will serve as a buffer for our payments (approximately $120,000 per year) on the sizeable mortgage we incurred due to our extensive renovation and new church construction project in 2004.

Parish Share Up To Goal: $103,000

Campus Maintenance Fund – $50,000

The beautiful facility our reconstruction produced is now eleven years old, and we are reaching the point where repairs and maintenance expenses will be inevitable. For example, roof repairs anticipated in the near future will likely cost $4,000, and repairing our aging air conditioner will cost nearly $10,000. Establishing a fund to address campus maintenance and routine upgrades will enable us to keep our facility beautiful and in good order for years to come.

Social Ministry Outreach Fund – $28,000

Holy Rosary Parish has a long history of reaching out to the needs of the Church Hill community of Richmond. This specially designated fund will strengthen our efforts in the areas of Caritas, Aids Ministry, and the Fuel and Hunger Fund.

Holy Rosary Endowment – $25,000

Seeding an endowment will generate investment returns for our parish’s operations and ministries so generation after generation may serve as witness to our faith and help those who come after us to receive the faith we treasure.




Your generosity will empower Holy Rosary Parish and the larger Church, our diocese, to continue to be the beacon of God’s love to His people that they have always been. Please join me in supporting the Living Our Mission campaign.

Rev. David Stanfill

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