Holy Trinity

Norfolk, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $559,000



The Living Our Mission campaign invites gifts to provide support, growth, and benefit to Holy Trinity and the Catholic community throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Our parish will receive 1/3 of the funds we raise up to our goal of $559,000 and 2/3 of the funds raised over goal. The $186,000 we anticipate receiving will advance our parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Goal: $186,000

Developing our Campus & Building Community: $110,000

One of the projects our parish must undertake is the demolition and removal of our old convent and parish house. Built more than 70 years ago, it is no longer sustainable and has not been used by the parish in over five years. The building will be demolished, but the daily Mass chapel will be retained, with an exterior wall built to strengthen the chapel for the future. In the space of the old convent, a large green space will be created with room for a fenced playground for our children, a shaded pavilion area with seating for adults and small gatherings. The Marian grotto and Respect Life rose gardens will be retained as focal points of the green space. Our parish continues to be blessed with growing families and the new space will allow families to share fellowship and community after Mass as well as host gatherings and small picnics.

Involving our Community & Caring for the Poor: $40,000

Holy Trinity’s commitment to our local community has existed since the beginning of our parish. Weekly, our Blessed Teresa Food Pantry serves the needs of the poor in incredible ways. Connected to the west side of our pastoral center, an old playground will be razed so that a large community garden can be built. The community garden will be used to grow sustainable, healthy fruits and vegetables to help assist the work of our food pantry and serve fresh, healthy foods for the poor of our community. Currently, many parishioners are unable to serve in the food pantry because it is open only during working hours. The community garden will allow parishioners to give of their time on evenings and weekends and be a part of the mission of the Blessed Teresa outreach.

Assisting our Families with Young Children, Deployed & Homebound: $36,000

As a parish, we are blessed to have a number of young families who worship in our parish community. Providing for our parents with young children so they may participate in Sunday worship more fully is important. We will complete a renovation of our existing Nursery, create an Atrium classroom for the education of older toddlers, and complete the renovation of our existing cry rooms to better provide for the needs of our families. In addition, many of our parishioners cannot attend Holy Mass with us because they are deployed in service to our country or because they are homebound and no longer able to travel. Live streaming video of the Mass as well as audio recordings of the homily will be added to our parish website so they can connect with us wherever they are in the world or in life.



Holy Trinity is a parish of men, women, and families who truly understand the meaning of faithfulness and sacrifice. My hope is that our parish community will fully support our Bishop and the Living our Mission campaign, which will strengthen the work of the Church in the Commonwealth and in our local parish for centuries to come.

Father Dan Beeman

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