Immaculate Conception

Hampton, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $660,000


Case Element 1: Renovating Our Kitchen ($175,000)

Our kitchen is not just an area of our parish where food is prepared; it is a cornerstone of the many ministries and fellowship opportunities we provide for our parishioners and our community. Whether it is a program like Summer Sunday Suppers that serves those in need, Young At Heart which provides engagement opportunities for our elderly and disabled or the many parish social events we conduct, the need for an upgraded kitchen is an urgent priority. So we can continue supporting these ministries as well as providing new program opportunities, funding from the Living Our Mission campaign will allow us to redesign and reconfigure our kitchen. This process will ensure a significant boost to our parish by providing more space for food and serving preparation as well as commercial upgrades such as a dishwasher, additional ovens and a larger stove.

Case Element 2: Building the Capital Improvement Fund ($44,000)

It is important that our parish, its offices and grounds are continually refreshed so as to provide a warm and welcoming environment for those who call Immaculate Conception home. Most immediately we face the reality of needing to repair remaining roofs at the parish, as well as provide improvements to our parish office, such as replacing the carpeting. By establishing the Immaculate Conception Capital Improvement Fund through the Living Our Mission campaign, our parish will be able to address these needs as well as save for future repairs to our parish.



As we join with our brothers and sisters across the Diocese to strengthen our Diocesan programs and live our mission as disciples of Jesus, we have the opportunity to address our growing ministerial needs by renovating our parish facilities and supporting our social ministry programs. Join me in making a pledge that will allow us to build a strong future for our parish, and too, our mission to serve others!

Rev. Sean M. Prince

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