Charlottesville, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $675,000


The Church of the Incarnation has long served as a home for Catholics in Charlottesville and Albemarle County and a witness to the love and mercy of Jesus. The Living Our Mission campaign invites us to build up the Kingdom of God in our parish and throughout the larger Church.

Parish Share: $225,000

For our own local priorities we will receive 1/3 of funds we raise up to our goal of $675,000 and 2/3 of funds raised over goal. These funds can help us more fully embrace all those God calls us to serve by enhancing our campus and funding our own evangelization efforts.

Present and Future Campus Maintenance: $150,000

Our parish has significant renovation and maintenance needs today and anticipates additional maintenance requirements in the future. These funds will make our community more welcoming for our parishioners and guests by enabling us to:

  • Upgrade our exterior lighting and add more lights around the Parish Activity Center to increase visibility and ensure safety: $25,000
  • Renovate our bathrooms with new fixtures and a new heating and air conditioning system that increases circulation: $30,000
  • Renovate our Parish Activity Center with new vinyl flooring, replace the lights, and build additional storage: $20,000
  • Reserve funds for maintenance needs anticipated in the near future, namely continuous maintenance, repair, and upgrades of our heating and air system in the Worship Center and Parish Hall and repairing or replacing our roof: $75,000

Evangelization Fund: $50,000

Our faith is our greatest gift, so we are eager to share it with one another and to welcome others into our community. This fund will help us carry out evangelization efforts such as possibly hosting a second tent revival, inviting a nationally recognized speaker, or renting space for a Catholic StoreFront downtown.

Debt Reduction: $25,000

Several years ago, we expanded our church to accommodate an enlarged Narthex, Daily Mass chapel, Blessed Sacrament chapel, and Reconciliation Room so we could better foster our ministries and worship. Reducing the debt remaining from this expansion will strengthen our parish’s position for growth in the future



As our parish Vision Statement says, we strive to be welcoming and hospitable and we seek to be an evangelizing parish in which members witness and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our participation in Living Our Mission, we hope to have the resources to make our parish campus more comfortable and pleasant for those who come here and enable us to more effectively spread the Gospel as Jesus our Lord mandates while supporting the needs of the larger Church of Richmond to which we belong.

Rev. Gregory Kandt

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