Our Lady of Nazareth

Roanoke, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $2,800,000


Building for a Brighter Future

The community or Our Lady of Nazareth has determined it is time our parish “home” undergo a significant renovation. The Living Our Mission campaign will secure at least $2,800,000, of which $2,072,668 will be used to help fund the renovation.

Parish Share Up To Goal: $2,072,668

Renovating the Nave

The renovation focuses on enhancing our parish worship and prayer by enabling us to see, hear, and participate more fully in the Mass and services. It will include a new heating and air conditioning system, improved lighting and sound, new seats in a new arrangement (with center aisle), and moving the San Damiano Cross over the Altar. The Sanctuary will be handicapped accessible so more parishioners can serve in liturgical ministries. A raised roof and clerestory will admit natural light.


Renovating the Narthex

This renovation will provide a wider gathering space to facilitate traffic flow to the Nave and to other parts of our complex. A window-wall will admit natural
light and provide a view of the Prayer Garden which has been hidden from the view of many. The chapel (and tabernacle) will be visible to those entering the Narthex. Doors to the Nave will be moved to allow entry into the center aisle.


A New Entrance/Drive Through

Several parish ministries have suggested a covered entranceway to provide weather protection especially for the handicapped, their caregivers, and the elderly. It would also be helpful for funerals and weddings. This addition will require changes to the building’s exterior that are harmonious with renovations to the Nave and Narthex.


How can I repay the Lord for all the great good done for me? the psalmist asks. (Psalm 116: 12) One answer might be this: by personally supporting God’s work of restoring and renewing the word and, as a Church, by rejoicing in all God is doing and thanking him in our worship and service. Join me and others in our parish and Diocese in LIVING OUR MISSION.

Father Joe

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