Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Salem, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $452,000


Our parish will receive one-third of all funds we receive up to our campaign goal of $452,000 and two-thirds of all money raised over the goal. Here is how we intend to use our share to enhance our parish:

Parish Share: $151,000

Parking Lot ($20,000)

Major repairs are required to maintain our parking lot. Two specific projects will be completed. First, in the rear parking area we will repair one drain to full working order, and install a second needed drain to keep the lot from flooding. Second, we will resurface the entire parking lot and re-stripe all parking spaces.

Retaining Pond ($15,000)

Our two retaining ponds must have repairs and improvements. We must remove all debris, add rock to prevent erosion, ensure working drains, and landscape. This will ensure the ponds’ safety and retain our attractiveness as a neighbor.

Parish Rectory ($40,000)

The Rectory is the home of our pastor, and like us where he lives, relaxes, and recharges. We must address the long-term needs of the rectory. We have spent $10,000 so far on this project (removing mold). In addition, the roof needs repair, windows need replacement, and updated lawn equipment is needed.

Sound System ($20,000)

To ensure everyone can best hear during Mass, we will install a new soundboard, computerize our music, and streamline the logistics of optimizing the sound system throughout the Church.

Storage Shed and Picnic Area ($56,000)

As the parish has continued to grow, our storage facility is no longer adequate to meet our needs. We will purchase a large commercial shed to meet this need, which will replace the existing dilapidated storage sheds. Adjacent to the shed we will install a roofed pavilion and picnic area to allow for Church gatherings, and other ministry use.



It is my hope that every family in our parish will find a way to support our Catholic needs through the Living Our Mission campaign. Together, we will address many critical needs here at OLPH, and help proportionally with our responsibility to the diocese. Please pray about how you can be supportive.

Rev. Alistair McKay

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