Prince of Peace

Chesapeake, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $667,000



Parish Case Element 1: Update and Renew the Parish Hall – $105,000 (47% of Parish Share)

• By adjusting the height and quality of the parish hall ceiling, we will better control the acoustics and temperature, providing us with a better meeting space.
• We will also add a projector in the hall which will allow us to live-stream the Mass so we can accommodate overflow.
• We will update the lighting and sound system so that this space can be used by parishioners to worship Christ and fellowship with each other.


Parish Case Element 2: Fix the Parking Lot – $75,000 (34% of Parish Share)

Our parish receives a high volume of traffic every day, and especially on the weekends. In order to maintain the integrity and longevity of the lot, we must invest some of our resources to patching, paving, sealing and striping it. By doing this now, we increase the life of the parking lot and make our parish look more beautiful.


Parish Case Element 3: Install New Lighting – $42,000
(19% of Parish Share)

The lighting systems in the worship center and throughout the building are in need of replacement. Our current lighting systems are outdated and cost us a substantial amount of money in replacing bulbs, electricity consumption, and general maintenance. By replacing them with more energy-efficient systems, we will be better stewards of our finances, and the updated lighting will create a welcoming and open environment for all who join us in worship.

Message from the Pastor

Our baptism has changed us, giving us a new and glorious Hope and empowered us to bring God’s redeeming Love to all, particularly the poor in whom we see the face of Christ.

Fr. Jazmin

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