Sacred Heart

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $500,000


It is with great pleasure and promise that we begin the Living Our Mission capital campaign. It is our way to participate in supporting the needs of our entire Catholic community and reaching out to those in need throughout the Diocese of Richmond. It is also a way for us to invest in the future of our parish.

Parish Share Goal: $334,000

Parish Case Element I: Purchase a Property – $309,000 + $100,000 (Challenge)

At Sacred Heart, space and facilities have always been an issue. The wonderful thing is that so many people call Sacred Heart “home” and participate in the many activities of our parish. We now have an incredible opportunity to invest in our community’s future.

The parish project for the Living Our Mission Campaign would be the purchase of the Southside Child Development Center which is located on the northwest corner of our block, at the intersection of 15th and McDonough St. along with the development of a master plan for it. It is a building with three classrooms, a kitchen and playground. It sits on an acre of land and, with the acquisition of this property, we would own almost the entire block. The building is in good condition, giving us much needed classroom and activity space. We would also share its use with Sacred Heart Center.

Parish Case Element II: Develop a Master Plan – $10,000

More importantly this property opens up future possibilities for growth on our block. While we can use the building now as is, it would be important at this time to develop a master plan for all the property we own.

Parish Case Element III: Restore Stained Glass Windows – $15,000

We would like to start restoring the stained glass windows in our church, and with this campaign we can begin by refurbishing the windows on the church facade.




Sacred Heart has served Richmond Catholics and the wider community from our location in Manchester for over 100 years. Our participation in the Diocesan Capital Campaign supports our diocese in its mission and ensures our future development and care for our historic church.

Rev. Shay W. Auerbach, S.J.

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