Saint Ann

Ashland, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $468,000



My brothers and sisters,
This is an exciting time as we address the many important needs of our Diocesan church to name a few: the ongoing education of seminarians, continued support for adult formation, youth ministry and campus ministry, as well as our continued support of retired priests perhaps the priest who baptized your child or visited your father in the hospital. We know that we BENEFIT as a parish community when we RESPOND to these needs. As we consider the financial support required for these and other needs of the church, we pray that the goals of this Living Our Mission campaign will ENSURE a future filled with confidence and joy.

Fr. Chris Haydinger, Pastor

Living Our Mission is a special invitation for all of us to rally together in support of ministries that define our Catholic Church. St. Ann will receive 1/3 of the funds we collect up to our goal of $468,000 and 2/3 of funds collected over goal. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Parish Share: $156,000

Parish Case Element: Expanding Our Parish Facilities ($156,000)

When the present worship space was dedicated, under the great leadership of the late Msgr. William Sullivan, the parish had 352 households. Because the parish has grown to over 800 households, we had to increase the number of staff to meet the expanding needs of our parish family and community. We presently have two permanent deacons, one part-time office manager and one full-time secretary. We also have a full-time Minister of Religious Education/Pastoral Associate, a full-time music minister, a part-time minister for children and a part-time youth minister. The office is a bee-hive of ever increasing activity and our limited office, working, storage and meeting spaces make it difficult to fully serve our community.

In order to provide a high level of ministry to those whom we serve, it is imperative that we begin building the spaces needed for the present and the future. Through the Living Our Mission campaign, we will be able to move further ahead toward this critical goal by expanding our parish offices, storage and sacristy as well as our music ministry space. This will ensure that our parish life continues to thrive.


We pray that the goals of this Living Our Mission campaign will ensure a future filled with confidence and joy.

Fr. Chris Haydinger, Pastor

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