Saint Bede

Williamsburg, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $7,500,000


Element 1: Construction of New Parish Facilities – $4,365,000

• Construction of 37,250 square feet of new space in two “wings” adjacent to the current Commons will cost $7,500,000.
• One wing would be for Parish Administration and include offices for all parish staff as well as meeting and conference rooms.
• The second wing would be reserved for Christian Ministry and will include a 600-seat parish hall, professional kitchen, restrooms and gathering area.
• The lower level beneath the two wings will house numerous meeting rooms for ministry groups, religious education and faith formation.
• A new outdoor plaza will be constructed between the two new wings. This area can serve as an outdoor gathering space, an area for quiet contemplation and a place that will add beauty to our parish campus.
• Site work to provide new parking and furnishings for the buildings including kitchen equipment will cost approximately $1,000,000.

Element 2: Debt Reduction and Loan Financing – $1,400,000

The parish will repay the current high interest debt of $1,400,000 and borrow additional funds of $4,135,000 at a lower interest rate to finance the remaining cost of construction. This is approximately the same debt taken in 2003 on the original building.


Since moving to Ironbound Road 11 years ago, the clergy and lay leaders of Saint Bede Catholic Church have had a vision to expand the facilities and create a single campus for the parish community. Having facilities that will allow all activities within our parish community to be held at one location will only enhance a greater sense of community and the work of the Spirit in our parish. Over the years, several plans have been discussed. Today the leadership of the parish has created a realistic and affordable plan that allows the parish to achieve this vision. Fulfilling this vision will enable Saint Bede Catholic Church to continue to grow in faith and service to Our Lord. The Campus Ministry Center would still be maintained and supported by our parish, as would the Social Ministry program, but all other efforts would be consolidated and enhanced for parishioners of all ages at Ironbound Road.



For information related to Living Our Mission Combined Campaign at Saint Bede Catholic Church, please contact Beatrice Sanford, Development Director Saint Bede Catholic Church at 757-603-6989 ext. 2315 or email

Saint Bede has been blessed with so many people who made it possible to expand our parish ministry by the building of our church here on Ironbound Road. It is now time to complete that vision and respond to the pressing need of our own time to provide adequate space for the ministries of our parish on the Ironbound Campus and to support the future of the Church here in Virginia. To be a good steward of the gifts given to the parish and respond to the real spiritual needs of our parish families, we need to respond now. I ask your prayers and fearless participation in the mission of the parish and diocese to make this vision a reality.

Rev. Msgr. Timothy Keeney

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