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Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,050,000



Saint Benedict,Richmond:Enriching Our Tradition

As Saint Benedict parish marks its one hundred and fifth year, we seek to enrich the tradition that has blessed our community. The purpose of the campaign is to secure the future of the parish by addressing its capital needs. These projects will, in turn, facilitate our spiritual mission.

Our partnership with the Diocese of Richmond helped the parish to buy the parking lot and the Parish Center (formerly the Priory), and that joint effort continues with this campaign. The parish and Saint Benedict School have vital capital needs totaling $3.2 million, which include debt reduction, building maintenance, and a rectory. The bequest of Edgar Duffy, which is estimated to be worth $1.5 million, will enable the parish to make significant progress toward meeting these needs, but only the generosity of each person will fully address them.

Parish Share Goal: $600,000

In the past, parishioners made sacrifices to benefit future generations. Living Our Mission provides a vehicle for us to strengthen our parish and the larger Church for the future. Saint Benedict parish and school will receive 57% of the funds raised up to our goal of $1,050,000, and 90% of the funds raised over the goal. This parish share will enable us to:

Element 1: Preserve our Church Building ($450,000)

Our church is the place where heaven meets earth; there we encounter the Lord. In order to continue worshipping in our beautiful church, we must replace the underlayment of the roof (which currently leaks), and upgrade critical parts of the heating and air conditioning system (which are 18 years past due).

Element 2: Maintain Saint Benedict School ($150,000)

Saint Benedict School provides an excellent Catholic education and moral development. In order to sustain a safe environment that promotes learning, we must overhaul aging infrastructure. By replacing the deteriorating windows, we will improve energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and ensure the structural integrity of the building. Significantly, the school will be eligible for a matching grant from the diocese for this project. Our first priority for funds raised over goal will be to preserve the stained glass windows in the church.



Our church is a gem, and it is a blessing to celebrate the Mass in such a magnificent space. Your generosity will enable future generations to worship God in the same noble way, and will help children to receive the gift of a Catholic education at Saint Benedict School.

Rev. Anthony E. Marques

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