Saint Bridget

Richmond, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $2,000,000


Saint Bridget faces many pressing needs that affect our parish life and our community. To meet these challenges, we have decided to set a higher overall goal of $2,000,000 which is slightly above our original goal of $1,835,000. However the amount we receive back will be based on the original goal. This means our parish will receive one third of all the funds we collect up to the original goal and two thirds of all funds collected over that mark. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $721,000

Element 1: Share Our Blessings – Expanding Outreachto the Poor ($75,000)

Recognizing the multitude of social ministry challenges faced by parishes located in Metropolitan Richmond, Saint Bridget will partner with our sister parishes so we can complement their outreach to the poor. Examples of ministry opportunities include supporting parish food banks, providing funding for utility, rent and shelter assistance, enhancing technology needs and supplying assistance for mentoring youth and young adults in the African-American and Hispanic communities. The parishes we will be engaging with are Sacred Heart on Perry Street, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Patrick, Holy Rosary and the Saint Francis Home.

Element 2: Grow the Faith of Our Youth and Young Adults – Broadening Christian Formation ($75,000)

Our parish generously supports Saint Bridget School and will continue to do so; however we also enjoy the presence of hundreds of Catholic students in public and private schools as well as many young adults throughout Richmond. In order to build the future leaders of our parish, we will use funds from the Living Our Mission campaign to grow our Christian Formation efforts for these students and young adults so they can become grounded in the faith during their early years. In order to help us accomplish this important goal, we will be working with a consultant. Funds will be allocated to the cost of the consultant as well as materials and technology that will assist us in helping to make the Catholic faith an important part of our children’s lives.



Element 3: Strengthen Finances – Eliminating Capital Debt ($450,000)

Our school and parish carry a significant debt of $450,000 from the Saint Bridget Catholic School project undertaken several years ago. Although we have been blessed with the fulfillment of all pledges, the debt payment we have continued to incur constrains our school and parish annual budgets. With support from the Living Our Mission campaign, we will be able to eliminate this debt, thereby freeing up funds for other necessary projects and challenges.


Element 4: Providing for the Future of Saint Bridget – Increasing Our Endowment ($121,000)

Building the endowment fund at Saint Bridget through the Living Our Mission campaign will provide a significant step forward in growing a fund that can be used to support the future of our ministries and programs. This endowment fund will not only supplement our budgetary needs moving forward, it will also allow us to free up funds for new projects and activities that will enhance the life of our parish.

I am excited about the Diocesan Living Our Mission capital campaign because I love this Diocese and I think the funds raised are vital to our future together. Please join me in supporting this prudent effort that will help so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Reverend Monsignor William H. Carr, Pastor

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