Saint Elizabeth

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $113,000


Saint Elizabeth will receive $76,000, which is two-thirds of all the funds collected up to its goal of $113,000 for the Living Our Mission campaign. If the parish reaches its campaign goal, it will receive 90% of all funds collected over the goal. The funds received by Saint Elizabeth will advance the parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $76,000

Element 1: Developing Our Future Leaders – $26,000

The mission of youth and young adult ministry at Saint Elizabeth is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. The Living Our Mission campaign will allow our parish to build new funding for the current and future growth of our youth and young adult ministry programs which involve such opportunities as work camps, mission trips and retreat experiences. In addition, Saint Elizabeth will acquire additional funding for the salary of its part-time Youth Minister.

Element 2: Increasing Evangelization and Outreach – $25,000

In order to proactively move these efforts forward, the Living Our Mission campaign will provide funds to develop programs that invigorate and unite us in our Faith as Catholic Christians. At Saint Elizabeth this means spending more time in our neighborhoods and communities spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Element 3:Growing Funds for Maintenance and Improvements – $25,000

As our building continues to age, we must be prepared to address the ongoing maintenance and repair that comes with owning a historic structure. With support from the Living Our Mission campaign, we will be able to continue enhancing this beautiful Richmond Landmark by growing the fund for maintenance and improvements.




The Living Our Mission campaign gives each of us an opportunity to advance important ministries at Saint Elizabeth and provide for the core ministries of our larger Catholic Church. As Pope Francis invites us to live the Golden Rule, it is my hope that you will join me in faithfully supporting this historic campaign.

Fr. Jim Arsenault, Pastor

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