Saint George

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $55,000


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is time for our parish to participate in the Diocese of Richmond’s Living Our Mission campaign. All of the parishes in the Diocese are conducting the campaign. This is an exciting time as we address the many important needs of our Diocesan church, such as the ongoing education of seminarians, campus ministry, and outreach to poor parishes across the diocese. As we consider the financial support required for these and other critical needs of the church, we pray the goals of this Living Our Mission campaign will ensure a future in which the Gospel will continue to be preached and nurtured in our local church. The goal for St. George has been set at $55,000.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph Barranger, O.P., pastor

Add Parish Meeting and Classroom Space ($37,000)

Several years ago, when the parish fellowship hall was built, there was great cause for rejoicing in the parish! Finally, the community had a place to gather after Mass to encounter one another socially. The hall has provided space for all kinds of gatherings, and was a necessary addition for a small but growing parish. Since the construction of the hall, our religious education and youth programs have continued to grow, and there is now the desire for more adult education, Bible study, and discussion groups. Growth brings with it certain challenges, and a challenge for St. George is providing sufficient meeting space for both religious education for the children and groups of adults. Currently, one room serves as a sacristy, a library, a confessional, and a meeting space! By partnering with the diocese in the Living Our Mission Campaign, St. George will have the opportunity to address our space needs. A modest, but reachable
goal, is to add meeting and classroom space to the small house that we currently use for religious education and the parish office. This will ensure that our parish life continues to thrive.

Living Our Mission gives our parish the unique opportunity to partner with the Diocese of Richmond to help meet our present and future needs for religious education and evangelization.

Fr. Joseph Barranger, O.P.

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