Saint Gregory the Great

Virginia Beach, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,817,000


Living Our Mission is a capital campaign which invites gifts that will provide benefits both to St. Gregory the Great Parish and to the Diocese of Richmond. Our parish will receive $605,000, which is one third of all the funds raised. If we reach our campaign goal of $1,817 million, our parish will receive 66% of all money raised over our goal. The funds received by St. Gregory the Great will be used to serve parishioners in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $605,000

Element 1: Parish Community Center – Proposed Cost, $280,000

As the largest parish in the diocese, the parishioners of St. Gregory the Great need suitable space to carry out Christ’s saving mission. A much needed large Parish Community Center can be used for large parish celebrations and activities, trainings, parish community meetings, receptions after funerals and other religious services, school and youth events, and senior citizen ministry. The space will also be able to be divided to create multiple meeting rooms. When this space is not being used for parish activities it can be rented for personal use by parishioners, which can generate income for the parish. It will be essential that this Center be equipped with a professional kitchen.

Element 2: Exterior Lighting – Proposed Cost, $75,000

A significant number of parishioners are children and the elderly. When they attend nighttime parish activities they face the hazards of walking and driving in a dark environment. To enhance their safety and promote their participation in evening parish activities exterior lighting will be improved.

Element 3: Parish Welcome Center – Proposed Cost, $150,000

To better serve parishioners, the parish offices will be reconfigured to include a Welcome Center that will be accessible through the Church narthex and be open at the times of weekend Masses to provide services in a convenient manner. This new configuration will also maximize office space and provide additional meeting space.

Element 4: Youth Endowment – Proposed Cost, $100,000

The greatest gift that the parish can pass on to our many young people is the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. With the establishment of this endowment, funds will be available to support retreats, faith formation activities, social outreach and efforts of our school. The flexibility of this endowment will enable the parish to support our young people for generations to come.



How blest we are to share our gifts for the benefit of God’s people and, thus, build up Christ’s Church.

Rev. Mario Fulgenzi

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