Saint Joseph

Petersburg, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $702,000


Living Our Mission is a capital campaign which invites pledges and gifts that will have a transformative impact on our parish, school and the Diocese of Richmond. To meet some of our financial challenges, we have decided to set a higher overall goal of $702,000 which is two times our original goal of $351,000. This means our parish will receive two thirds of all the funds we collect up to the increased goal and 90% of all funds collected over that mark. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $468,000

Element 1: Rebuilding the Parish Hall ($300,000)

A few years ago our parish hall suffered severe fire damage, which left us without a place for large social gatherings and other important parish activities. Although the money received from the insurance company covers a substantial portion of the $1.5 million rebuild cost, there is still a gap of about $300,000. Funds collected through the Living Our Mission campaign will allow us to bridge this gap so we can completely rebuild the parish hall without having to incur an additional loan debt and ensure we have enough money to meet project needs.

Element 2: Restoring Our Parish ($50,000)

St. Joseph is one of the oldest parishes in the Diocese dating back to the early 1800s. In that time, the parish has expanded from worshipping in a house to the beautiful building we have today. As our building continues to age, we must be prepared to address the ongoing maintenance and repair that comes with owning a historic structure. Most immediately, we face the challenge of replacing the roof, continued repair of the historic stained glass windows and the general renewal of the interior of the church. With support from the Living Our Mission campaign, we will be able to continue enhancing this beautiful Petersburg Landmark by augmenting the St. Joseph Capital Building Fund.

Element 3: Renovating St. Joseph Catholic School ($68,000)

St. Joseph School is a private, Catholic institution that serves a diverse group of students. It strives to educate the whole student and prides itself on small class size, individual attention and a family-like environment. As is the case with the parish, the need for building improvements is an apparent reality. So we can continue to offer a positive environment for our students and faculty, funds from the Living Our Mission campaign will allow us to begin updating the main school building by renovating classrooms and improving lighting.

Element 4: Creating Endowments for Our Parish and Our Catholic School ($50,000)

Creating endowments through the Living Our Mission campaign will provide a significant step forward in growing funds that can be used to support the future of our parish ministries and the needs of our Catholic school. These endowment funds will not only supplement our budgetary needs moving forward; they will also allow us to free up funds for new projects and activities that will enhance the life of our parish and school.


I am supportive of the Living Our Mission Campaign because it will enable us to continue to serve our brothers and sisters and spread the Faith here in Petersburg and throughout the Diocese of Richmond. Please join me by sacrificially supporting this worthy effort.

Rev. Brian Capuano

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