Saint Joseph’s Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $41,000


Living Our Mission will help Saint Joseph Church satisfy some of the critical needs of our Parish family. It will also provide a means for the Diocesan Church community to accomplish certain goals and ministries that define the Catholic Church. The 2/3 share of the funds will enable us to satisfy and continue to function as a Parish community:

Parish Share: $27,000

Help our Parish meet critical issues arising because of aging and a gift received from the Town of Columbia. ($27,000)

Saint Joseph’s Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel was established in 1884. It satisfied an important need in the community by providing an education to the local black population in a one room school house. Two outhouses were built adjacent to the present church. These facilities were used until the summer of 1966. An agreement was reached with the Town of Columbia to provide for a modern septic system that would satisfy the needs of the Town Office building and Saint Joseph’s. The system would be installed on church property in exchange for free water. That system has been used by the Town Hall, the Church and our Parish Hall since that time. In November 2015, after fifty years the system failed and is not repairable.

In 2015,the Town of Columbia passed a resolution to abolish the Town and donated the Town Hall building to the Diocese (Saint Joseph’s). With the acquisition of this building comes new and urgent concerns. The building is not safe in its present condition and will require extensive repairs. A structural engineering firm was hired to inspect the building and provide a report of its condition. Their recommendation was to demolish the building.

The cost associated with these two issues will exceed the resources of our Parish. Saint Joseph’s is fortunate to meet the day-to-day needs of our Parish community, but the expense of these issues will be burdensome. The one room school house and the two outhouses no longer exist, but the needs of our community still do. Living Our Mission will enable us to address these issues and continue to serve our Parish needs.



My Brothers and Sisters,
The Diocesan Church has taken on a more responsive and exciting role supporting the Campus Endowment Fund and the Emergency Parish Capital Needs Grant Fund campaigns. These are in addition to supporting the ongoing and important needs of the existing missions and goals of the Parish community.We are aware of the benefits they provide to these ongoing needs. The Living Our Mission campaign will fulfill future important goals and will bring confidence and joy to the Diocesan Church.

Father Gerald Musuubire

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