Saint Jude

Franklin, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $116,000

Living Our Mission is a campaign; which supports the current and future growth of our Church and will benefit both Saint Jude Parish and the Diocese of Richmond. Saint Jude Parish has always been known as a warm and welcoming community, committed to evangelizing the faith and building towards a blessed future. Our parish will receive $77,333 or two-thirds of our parish goal towards the four case elements listed below. Our parish goal is $116,000. If we reach this goal, our parish will receive 90% of all of the funds raised over the goal and these will also be used for the following projects:

Parish Share: $77,333

Upgrade and or Replacement of HVAC Systems- 50% or $38,666.50

Being an older church has its advantages; however, it also has its disadvantages. The HVAC systems in our sanctuary, foyer, parish hall, kitchen area, and classroom areas have been added as the buildings have been added. Unfortunately, one or more of these units have required expensive repair and the parts are no longer in production; when newer parts are added to the older units, there are more breakdowns. Though we have some funds available for repair, we do not have enough to address the need of many costly projects, the HVAC systems being one. These campaign funds would allow us to unify and update our heating and cooling systems all at once.

Sump Pump- 15% or $11,599.95

A few years ago, our sump pump (in back of the kitchen) was replaced with a more powerful pump and did well at first. Unfortunately, there have been instances of the well, in which the pump is housed, overflowing with sewage. This is a hazard and significant work is needed to determine how to contain the overflow and to lay a drain within city regulations. This is a major problem, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and the funds from the campaign would allow us to get the needed work done correctly by professionals.

Stained Glass Repair/Reinforcement of Panes- 20% or $15,466.60

The stained glass windows in our sanctuary are permanent fixtures of beauty. Members of our parish have donated large sums of money to bring to us a worship center of peace to pray to our lord, they offer a welcoming environment to all our visitors. Stained glass, like so many things, can age and sag. With the heat from the sun, the windows have begun to bow, putting the windows in a compromised condition. We need to have all our stained glass windows reinforced, which is very costly. The Living Our Mission campaign funds could allow us to get the desperately needed work done to save our windows for future generations.

Fixing Condensation Problem in Sanctuary- 15% or $11,599.95

The walls in our sanctuary, particularly behind the altar have been bleeding moisture for some time. This condensation is most worrisome in regards to larger problems developing in the near future, e.g., having to replace sheet rock or to repair structural damage. To alleviate the problem, we must hire an expert to determine the problem, and then act on the recommendations. These recommendations could be just simply adding fans to the ceiling, or could be more intrusive. Whatever is necessary, the campaign fund could leave our parish in better financial position than if we have to look at debt in the future.


The Living Our Mission Program provides us the opportunity to assist God’s people not only throughout the Diocese, but also particularly in our parish home at Saint Jude, Franklin. Our mission parish represents the only Catholic presence for many miles. As we are called upon to be Church in our area, perhaps especially in our response to the needs of others, we come to live more fully our life in Christ. I am excited about the Living Our Mission Program, as it will help us to grow in our mission to be Church for the world.

Rev. Charles Saglio, Pastor

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