Saint Jude

Radford, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $246,000

Our parish will receive one-third of all funds we receive up to our campaign goal of $246,000 and two-thirds of all money raised over our goal. Here is how we intend to use our share to enhance our parish:

Parish Share: $82,000

HVAC Replacement ($82,000)

Our lower HVAC that cools our fellowship and religious education space is 22 years old and our two HVAC units that cool our upper commons area and church space are both 15 years old. The professional assessment of our equipment is that we will be replacing these three units in the near future. Newer units will help us run more cost efficiently and will serve us well for the decades to come



For more than twenty years here at our new location our parish in Radford has been a living witness to Christ through our worship, teaching, and service. The Living Our Mission campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God’s people and will also ensure that both the parish and the diocese are positioned financially for the future.

Rev. Jaroslaw Nowacki

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