Saint Jude

Mineral, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $500,000


For over 40 years, St. Jude parish has served as a witness to the love and mercy of Jesus in Louisa County, Virginia. Our former parish hall fostered strong
fellowship, but we have suffered since we lost our parish hall in the fire of fall 2014. Living Our Mission invites us to rally together to build a new parish hall, offices, and religious education classrooms that will position us for a brighter future for many generations to come. This project will include:

Parish Hall

• A new and improved hall, as well as a larger kitchen, will once again foster our strong community and help us grow it through parish gatherings.


Parish Offices

• New parish offices will enable our pastor and parish staff to once again be more fully available on our parish campus, facilitating our ministries, administration, and communications.

Religious Education Classrooms

• Our children are our future, and a sufficient number of new classrooms under one roof will foster a fresh environment that helps them learn the Faith we treasure and are eager to pass on to them.

Meeting Rooms

• The classrooms and a music room will also serve as much-needed meeting rooms for the many diverse ministries in our parish.

Parish Share Up To Goal: $370,000

The preliminary cost of the project is $1.94 million. To fund this project and support the needs of the Diocese, St. Jude will conduct a challenge campaign to raise at least $500,000. Our parish will receive 74 percent of the funds raised up to our goal of $500,000 as well as 90% of funds raised over goal. In addition, Bishop DiLorenzo is supporting our project with a $100,000 grant from the Emergency Parish Capital Needs Grant Fund that the overall Living Our Mission campaign will establish. A long-term loan will account for the balance remaining after we use the insurance settlement and savings, which together total $1.1 million.



Living Our Mission provides an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen our parish in unity with the larger Church, our diocese. Your faithful generosity will be a blessing to you, and our new parish hall, classrooms, and office space will foster our strong fellowship and faith for generations to come.

Rev. Michael Duffy

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