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Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $737,000



Living Our Mission is a campaign which supports the current and future growth of our Church. It will benefit both the Catholic Church of Saint Mark Parish and the Diocese of Richmond. Saint Mark Parish has always been known as a warm, welcoming and generous community, committed to evangelizing the faith and building towards a blessed future. Our parish will receive $245,667 or one-third of our parish goal towards the case elements listed below. Our parish goal is $737,000. If we reach this goal, our parish will receive one-third of all of the funds raised over the goal and these funds will be used for the following projects:

Parish Share: $245,667

Element 1: Parish complex improvements to support the continuation of ministry and growth enhancements – $150,000

• Modification of the Parish Social Hall to accommodate 5 multi-function rooms to enable multiple ministry activities and events simultaneously We are a relatively young parish, only 37 years of existence, but one whose facilities need to be upgraded and refurbished. This modification proposal will accommodate the growth of ministry life for our parish in all phases of ministries: Liturgical, Religious Formation, Justice, Peace and Parish Life and Evangelization.

Element 2: Parish complex improvements and renovations for the Worship Space and Parking – $95,667

  • Replacement and upgrade of worship space sound system
  • Replacement and upgrade of worship space Baptistery
  • Replacement of worship space carpet which is 23 years old
  • Reserve fund initiated for the eventual expansion and improvement to the parking lot to accommodate growth

These improvements proposed will enhance our aging 37 year-old worship space for more active participation in liturgy with a new sound system, improved condition of our space for Baptisms, as well as replacing our worn out carpeting with more durable and resilient carpeting. We are also looking to establish a fund to implement the eventual expansion and necessary improvements to our parking lot.



The Catholic Church of Saint Mark is our home. Saint Mark lives its mission of being “Rooted in the Word, nourished by the Sacraments.” Now the “Living Our Mission” campaign is an opportunity to grow and strengthen our parish. We have long had wonderful and meaningful ministries. There is so much that we have achieved in the past 37 years. “Living Our Mission” is providing us an opportunity to look critically at ourselves and shape ourselves for the future. This is the moment when we as a community and a family of God’s people must begin to think about what the future might be. “Living Our Mission” is forming the future not only for Saint Mark but also for the diocese as a whole. We want to commit ourselves today in prayer and in putting our resources together in order to achieve more in “Imaging Jesus Christ.

Father Anthony

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