Saint Matthew

Virginia Beach, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $670,000


Element 1: Parking Lot Restoration – $90,000

Parking lot, and school parking lot. Renovations conform to all expectations for protection of adjacent watershed.

Element 2: Replace Roof – $30,000

Make repairs and replace roof on Parish Office/Adoration Chapel. The current tiles are aged and are frequently replaced following storms. The new roof with 130 mph rated shingles will extend the life of the facility.


Element 3: Renovate and Replace Existing Columbarium – $104,000

Renovate and replace existing columbarium to standards of quality, materials, and style approved by the Diocese of Richmond. This project does NOT expand the number of spaces, but addresses the current construction issues of the columbarium at the parish.

Message from the Pastor

Please join me over the next three to five years in promoting and funding the “Living Our Mission” campaign. This special opportunity will strengthen and further develop the buildings and grounds of our St. Matthew Parish.

-Fr. John A. Abe

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