Saint Nicholas

Virginia Beach, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,350,000


“The Church is the living body of Christ and needs to be supported at every level.” Bishop DiLorenzo has launched the dioceses’ first comprehensive capital campaign in an effort to strengthen our parishes, develop our future Church, support our clergy, and advance our shared mission. As missionaries called to live as intentional disciples, we answer this call by evangelizing others, social outreach, building up our parish community, and taking responsibility for the care of the physical needs of our church. As we look towards the future of St. Nicholas parish, our cornerstone, Stewardship is a way of life, will continue to guide us on this fifty-two year Christ centered journey of building the Kingdom of God on Little Neck Road. We propose to strengthen our parish family, the community, and the world at large through the completion of our Living Our Mission campaign goals. St. Nicholas will receive a majority share of all funds that we raise through the Living Our Mission Campaign – 2/3rds of all proceeds up to our combined campaign goal of $1,350,000 and 90% of all proceeds over our goal. A total of $450,000 will be directed to a diversity of pastoral priorities we face as a whole Church throughout all 145 parishes in the Diocese of Richmond – which will make all of us stronger long into the future. A total of $900,000 will be allocated among a balanced set of urgent needs and important ministry priorities right here at St. Nicholas as follows:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $900,000

  • Preserving the Church Facility
    • Make Necessary Repairs to the Windows and Exterior Walls of our Building – ($700,000)
  • Continuing a Strong Tradition of Worship
    • Sanctuary Projects – ($35,000)
  • Journeying Together as Community
    • Increase the Church’s Presence on Little Neck Road and Enhance Community Life – ($45,000)
  • Providing for the Future of St. Nicholas
    • Creating an Endowment – ($120,000)



We proactively participate in building God’s kingdom concretely through sharing generously the treasure that He has entrusted to us. Through your generous participation in the Living Our Mission diocesan Capital Campaign, we are envisioning and nurturing the Church’s mission of Worship, Word, Community Life and Social Outreach.

Fr. Venancio Balarote

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