Saint Patrick

Lexington, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $316,000


Our parish will receive one-third of all the proceeds we receive up to our campaign goal of $316,000 and a bonus level of two-thirds of the funds raised over our goal. Our share of funds will help build up the St. Patrick community.

Planning for the future needs of our Church and parish facilities, the Parish Council and Finance Council adopted the June 2014 report of the Building and Grounds committee. This comprehensive assessment of our facilities prioritized needed improvements and forecast future repairs and replacements that will be required to keep St. Patrick thriving.

Funding secured through Living Our Mission pledges will fund the first five years of the plan. As it matches the pledge period of the campaign, the cash flow corresponds with expenditures, and allows timely replacement and response to emergency need.

Elements will include:

Improvements and repairs to our Church include kitchen upgrade, hymnals, guardrail augmentation, furniture, chair and kneeler, sidewalk replacement, painting (outside and sanctuary) and ADA accessibility (chair lift). The Parish House will be provided with computer replacement and equipment repairs.




I’m excited, energized, hopeful, and renewed by the possibilities and potential of the Living Our Mission campaign. We have been a stabilizing steward of our parish and now we must plan, with the diocese, for the development of the future of our faith from our youngest member to our oldest. My prayer for you, in nautical terms, is “˜full speed ahead” with our Lord’s blessings.

Rev. Joseph D'Aurora

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