Saint Patrick

Richmond, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $120,000


Parish Share Up To Goal: $40,000

For 155 years St. Patrick’s has stood as the beacon of the Catholic faith in Historic Church Hill. This year we have the opportunity to rise to a new level of Living Our Mission not only in our neighborhood, but as a part of the Diocese of Richmond.

Our parish is in the midst of a true renaissance as each year more young adults and young families join our community. In response to this growth we must continue to adapt our historic building to the changing population, while ever mindful of the limits that historic landmark status imposes. To that end we would use a portion of the parish share of the funds raised to make our parish hall a more child and family friendly space. At an estimated cost of $25,000 the additions would be:

  • Quality video and audio during the mass so that parents, when need be, can care for their children while continuing to participate in celebration of the Eucharist.
  • New flooring that would be less dangerous for falling children, while continuing to be beautiful and easy to maintain.
  • Child friendly furniture to safeguard our most precious resource.


While caring for the future, we must also keep an eye toward preserving the past. Both the Church and the Pastor’s residence are part of the historic district and beautiful examples of Victorian (Victorian Gothic) architecture. With the additional funds of $15,000 from the parish share of the Capital Campaign, we would continue to build the endowment of the parish so that our buildings will be not only a place of worship, but a visible sign to the neighborhood and city of the enduring presence of Catholic Faith in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We know the sacrifices that first generation of Irish Immigrant made to make our church possible. May we imitate them!

Fr. Wayne Ball

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