Saint Paul

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $750,000


Along with the other Cluster Parishes of Portsmouth and Chesapeake, St. Paul’s has the opportunity to grow in communion with the local church by participating in the Living Our Mission campaign. Since the first masses were said in Portsmouth around 1804, St. Paul’s has been a visible sign of the people’s love of Christ. Since 1810, St. Paul’s has had five church buildings. The current church was dedicated in 1905, and in 2002, placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The beauty of St. Paul’s has been a constant inspiration for the thousands of devoted Catholics that have worshiped here. Our parish has always been a place to come together for worship and to discover Christ’s love through the grace of the sacraments.

Parish Share Goal: $435,000

Parish Case Element: Maintaining Our Facility

Because our need for a major roof repair is critical, St. Paul’s seeks to raise a minimum goal of $750,000, of which the parish will receive fifty-eight (58%) of the proceeds, or $435,000, which will be dedicated to the roof repair on the church and the interior of the sanctuary. These repairs will include multiple flat roofs on the north and south sides of the church; repair to stucco walls at the exterior rear; installation of gutters for the entire church; and repair any damage done to the interior of the sanctuary from water over many years.

Through your generous participation and a sacrificial, five-year pledge commitment, St. Paul’s can responsibly maintain our historic church, which is so vital to our parish mission, while actively supporting the shared mission of the wider church.



The parishes that make up the Portsmouth and Chesapeake Catholic Cluster, proudly stand as a symbol of all that the Catholic Church represents here in Tidewater Virginia. Some of the parishes of our Cluster go back over 100 years. With all the grace God has blessed us in our parish communities, we once more have an opportunity to participate in the Living Our Mission Campaign, and all it will do to help the Diocese of Richmond continue to spread God’s message in many ways throughout the diocese and our area.

Rev. Anthony Wm. Morris Pastor

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