Saints Peter and Paul

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $311,000


Living Our Mission is a diocese wide campaign to come together in support of diocese ministries. Saints Peter and Paul will benefit by receiving a one third return from our total goal of $311,000 contributions and when we exceed our goal our share becomes two thirds of our contributions. This is how we propose to utilize our share:

Parish Share: $104,000

Element 1: Parking Lot Repairs ($85,653)

Phase 1: Parking Lost Drainage

In 2006 our parking lot was paved. Our area was under a great drought for several years. Now, ten years later, we are experiencing drainage issues due to underground streams pushing water up through the asphalt. This process has caused severe cracks and constant water runoff on our parking lot. We need to install underground drainpipes to carry sub-surface water to the existing storm water collection system, per a report from Froeling & Robertson. Once the drainpipes are installed we will need to refill and patch the trenches.

Phase 2: Repair Upper Parking Lot Sections

The Upper Parking Lot has begun to deteriorate. These are the repairs that need to be completed:

  • Reset tent anchors
  • Patch asphalt
  • Seal existing asphalt in two sections adjacent to the Church

Element 2: Repair and Repaint Roof on existing Church ($18,347)

Our church was constructed in 1990. The roof is beginning to show signs of a need for repair. The roof needs to be de-rusted to prevent further disintegration of the surface. The entire roof will then need to be prepped for painting and painted (one coat).



Brothers and Sisters,
We are honored to be participating in the capital campaign for the improvement of ministries within the Richmond Diocese. Our church has seen growth over the last few years with the building of our Parish Center and Columbarium Gardens. New parishioners are joining our community each month. As a parish it is our responsibility to assist our diocese in their efforts to support those in need. Our financial contribution to the Living Our Mission project not only supports our diocese but we will also benefit from our contribution.

May God bless each of you, Yours Always In Christ, Father Gerald Musuubire, Pastor

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