Saint Peter

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $177,000


In order to best serve its parishioners and the community, Saint Peter is partnering with the Living Our Mission campaign as well as utilizing some of the funds from its savings to greatly enhance and restore the church.

Saint Peter will receive $59,000, which is one-third of all the funds collected up to its goal of $177,000 for the Living Our Mission campaign. If the parish reaches its campaign goal, it will receive 90% of all funds collected over the goal. The funds received by Saint Peter will advance the parish in the following ways:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $59,000

Restoring God’s House

With the reality of an aging building, our parish must be in a position to address the full restoration need that exists. This includes painting the interior of the Church, refinishing the floors, fixing the broken kneelers (of which there are many) as well as improving the lighting in the sanctuary. Support from the Living Our Mission campaign will aid our parish in accomplishing this project so Saint Peter can continue to serve as a warm and welcoming environment for those who call the parish home.

Caring for the Poor

Human Concerns Outreach is a centerpiece of Saint Peter’s mission. Every week our parish feeds hundreds of Richmond’s poorest, as well as provides thousands in financial support for emergency rent assistance, electricity and other utilities. The Living Our Mission campaign gives us an opportunity to enlarge our kitchen and open up a wall to more effectively serve the hundreds who come for a meal here each week. Additionally, we will be remodeling the bathrooms and installing a shower facility for the benefit of the homeless who visit our parish. This will allow Saint Peter to better serve those in need as well as those who come for other parish events.

As the original Cathedral for the Diocese of Richmond, we have the responsibility to preserve this historic treasure for future generations. At the same time, our outreach to the poor continues to increase. As a cornerstone ministry of our parish, we must be in a position to address the basic human necessities of those who are closest to God (Matthew 25:40). For these ministries and those of the larger Church, I encourage you to prayerfully join me in supporting the Living Our Mission campaign.

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