Saint Pius X

Norfolk, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $2,100,000

A total of $350,000 will be directed to a diversity of pastoral priorities we face as a whole Church throughout the145 parishes in the Diocese of Richmond, which will make all of us stronger long into the future. The remaining total of $1,750,000 will be allocated among a balanced set of urgent needs and important priorities right here at Saint Pius X, as follows:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $2,100,000

Element 1: Renovating St. Pius X School and Parish Hall – $1,400,000

The original Parish Hall, which then served as the Church, was constructed in 1955. Additional wings were added to the School at various times over the following 35 years. In the 59 year history of the school, over 25,000 students have graduated from SPX. In 2013, a Condition Assessment of the School was completed. The detailed report identified numerous safety and security concerns in the building, primarily in the following areas: (1) the roof (structural beams and roof drainage system); (2)HVAC system; (3) window replacements throughout the School to reduce energy consumption; and (4) an ADA-compliant overhaul of the bathrooms. In our discussions with the architects we also identified the need to create an identifiable and welcoming entrance to the School and Parish Hall on Halprin Drive as a vitally important aesthetic improvement to create a more attractive building in order to attract the next 25,000 students to the School! Preliminary cost estimate for this case element is $2,000,000. A diocesan school grant
of $250,000 and possible long term loan will reduce the funding requirement to $1,400,000.


Element 1: The Future of Worship – Sanctuary Projects – $350,000

Like the School, the Church at Saint Pius X is an aging, neglected structure, with many needs. Although the roof was recently replaced at significant cost, many other repairs are critically needed: (1) new air handler and air conditioner units; (2) resurface Church parking lot; (3) clean and seal stone floor; (4) plaster repairs and paint touch-up; (5) lighting and electrical upgrades; (6) clean water stains from interior walls. When these repairs are completed, the Church will stand ready to support the spiritual needs of the parish for the next generation of Saint Pius X parishioners. $20,000 of the above project estimates has been designated for yet-to-be determined Convent upgrades.


This could be a daunting goal for our parish, but we are excited to announce a generous parishioner has already committed an extraordinary leadership pledge of $850,000 toward this goal! In addition to our parishioner’s generous gift, we hope to raise an additional $600,000 in dedicated leadership pledges and Foundation grants from outside the parish community toward the School and Parish Hall project. If successful, we will need $650,000 in pledges from all other parish families to reach our combined goal of $2,100,000.

Every day, the Church is found – wherever people work together to help the Universal Church in her programs to relieve suffering, vulnerable and hurting, to teach the young, and to support growth in the faith. It is wonderful to see that we work together to promote the good works of the Church. Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” With our Living Our Mission campaign we put into action this command of Jesus. All parishes of the Diocese, including the mission parishes, are participating in this Diocesan project. Let us wholeheartedly participate in this endeavor. Eighty-three percent (83%) of whatever we raise will come back to us for the projects mentioned in the following pages. I pray that all of us participate in this Diocesan endeavor. With God’s blessings,

Rev. Nixon Negparanon

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