Saint Stephen, Martyr

Chesapeake, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $2,074,000


For 17 years, St. Stephen, Martyr has brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Chesapeake and the surrounding area, not only by the words and deeds of its parishioners, but also by the physical presence of the Church itself. Built in a prominent location beside the 168 by-pass, our Church has stood as a light to the world passing by, drawing all to Him through its beauty. By this capital campaign, Living Our Mission, we will be able to eliminate our debt and more fully address the developing needs of our growing parish and community, thus allowing us to continue to witness to our community on a time scale not measured in mere years, but rather by generations.

Element 1: Debt Reduction – $335,000

This amount represents a core element of the initial campaign funds and will help our parish “Pay Down” our current debt. By allocating this amount against our current debt, we will be able to retire our entire debt by the end of this campaign (five years from start of campaign). The result will be a fiscally stronger parish better positioned to advance our sacred mission.

Element 2: Facility and/or Property Expansion – $1,048,000

New/Expanded Facility

One of the top concerns facing our parish is inspiring Catholics to grow in faith and deepen their commitment to the Church as disciples of Jesus. In order to meet this important need, $798,000 from this campaign will be used to construct a multipurpose facility that will be designed to house classrooms (multi-dividers), provide additional worship space, and possibly include an additional kitchen/bathroom/shower facility incorporated into the design. This facility will have the capacity to host receptions and church related events.

Property Expansion

The physical footprint and spiritual life of the Catholic Church of St. Stephen, Martyr are critical components of the legacy we leave to our children and grand children. To assist in accomplishing this goal, $250,000 of this campaign will be used to establish a grounds expansion fund. Without additional land, our parish cannot expand our physical presence and fully develop the educational, devotional and outreach programs that are integral to a healthy Christian community. This allocation of funds will be used for the expansion of our physical layout allowing for the building of additional structures associated with St. Stephen, Martyr goals. By doing so, we will be able to respond to one of the most pressing needs facing the Catholic Church which is developing the next generation of Catholics.


As one of the most vibrant and fastest growing parishes of the Richmond Diocese, St. Stephen has consistently and generously responded to all requests beyond our immediate needs and concerns. Once again through the Living Our Mission campaign, we have the opportunity to unite with fellow Catholics across the Diocese to effectively address and strengthen the long term impact of our Diocesan mission, to preach and live the faith while at the same time securing our parish’s ability to plan for our own future growth. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you during this important campaign.

Fr. Brian Rafferty

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