Saint Thomas More

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,100,000


Total Project Costs: $1.1 Million

The Living Our Mission campaign will fund $686,000 of the parish needs outlined below in priority order. Ninety percent of funds over goal will also fund the projects and the remaining amount will come from either loans or future generosity from the parish family.

Restore And Renovate Our Buildings

Priority 1: Kitchen Renovation and Storage Expansion–$243,000, Transfer Organ Pipes to theNave inOrder to Use Area as Storage–$30,000
Priority 2: Rest Room Renovation–$80,000
Priority 3: Class/Conference Room Expansion and Elevator Construction–$576,000, Smaller Projects: Repair Downstairs Bathroom, Water Proofing, Miscellaneous
Repairs, Chapel and Nave Repairs and Improvements (e.g. carpet and bench reupholstery) –$171,000

With the growth of our hospitality and outreach ministries our kitchen is used every day. Renovated from the original chapel and sacristy, much of the real work was left for later. Later has arrived! The demands placed on the kitchen and those working in it require new equipment, as well as expansion and reorganization of the space. From funeral receptions to parish suppers this is a vital resource and is in need of renovation. This is priority one.

With more and more folks using our spaces, and with a physical plant that is operating full-time, our bathrooms are simply not adequate to the demand placed on them. We have welcomed over 168 new families since 2013. The renovation of all of our rest room facilities allows us to welcome yet more. This is priority two.

Our parish is blessed with many classrooms. But the spaces are small and the classes that need them are larger than ever. Additionally, new ministries are competing with each other for space as adult meeting spaces are presently at a minimum. The new construction of two conference rooms and an elevator to access Frassati Hall as well as the new construction will open up new spaces to meet, increase accessibility of spaces already underutilized, and create a remote meeting space to stream live conferences and meetings from Richmond and around the Diocese of Richmond (as well as national conferences) from our own building. This expanding of our evangelical efforts is long needed and insures that we will be a Voice for the Gospel for many years to come!

There are many smaller projects to benefit from your generosity: waterproofing and repair of the rest room and kitchen walls in Frassati Hall, painting projects throughout the buildings especially in Chelsea Commons, the offices, and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. We pray the success of this campaign so that our buildings, restored and renovated can continue to bring us home for nurture, and send us forth for service!



Are we not a parish blessed beyond belief by a Lord who is the source and subject of all of our believing?! For forty years we have been a voice for the Gospel and now, once more we expand and magnify that voice with increased numbers, ministries and Grace! The participation of each member of this parish family, each as they are able, in this Living Our Mission campaign, is both a “thank You” note for the grace already given and a participation in the promise now being offered! This wonderful campaign offers us the opportunity to serve our Lord in hospitality, in the poor, in evangelism, in opening our buildings to the specially abled, and bringing necessary facilities up to date at last. We cannot out-give the Lord. May God reward your giving!”

Msgr Michael D McCarron, KCHS

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