Saint Vincent de Paul

Newport News, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $279,000


St.Vincent de Paul parish has long served as a home for Catholics in Newport News, Virginia. It is the mission of St.Vincent de Paul Catholic Church to CELEBRATE our diversity as children of God, to GATHER as a faith-filled community, and to WITNESS as Disciples of Christ! The Living Our Mission campaign invites us to help build up the Kingdom of God by strengthening our parish for a vibrant future.

~ Fr. John Bosco Walugembe, Pastor

St. Vincent de Paul will receive 1/3rd of the funds we raise up to our goal of $279,000 and 2/3rds of funds raised over goal. These funds can assist us in achieving our objective of building a parish hall and helping us prudently plan for our future.

Parish Share Up To Goal: $93,000

Element 1: Establishing a Parish Hall Fund, $75,000

St.Vincent de Paul does not have a suitable Parish hall. Our existing facilities do not adequately support the parish ministries or enhance strong fellowship. Living Our Mission invites us to rally together to build a parish hall that will position us for a brighter future for generations to come.

Element 2: Capital Projects Repair and Maintenance Fund, $10,000

Our church building and parish facilities are entrusted to our care. Our church is almost 100 years old and is in need of continuous upkeep and repairs. Maintaining the structural integrity, beauty and functionality of our parish facilities for current and future generations is critically important. The creation of a capital projects fund will help us to address some of these needs.

Element 3: Building a Brighter Future – Seeding an Endowment, $8,000

As we build on the past, we look to the future with the creation of a Parish Endowment. Creating an endowment will help ensure that St.Vincent de Paul stands as a firm witness to the faith for generations to come by providing investment income for the parish year after year.



The Living Our Mission campaign has come at just the right time for our parish as we look forward to building a much needed parish hall and to maintaining our existing facilities. I am very enthusiastic about the success of this campaign.

Fr. John BoscoWalugembe

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