Shrine of the Infant of Prague

Wakefield, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $24,000


Living Our Mission is a campaign; which supports the current and future growth of our Church and will benefit both Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague Parish and the Diocese of Richmond. Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague Parish has always been known as a warm and welcoming community, committed to evangelizing the faith and building towards a blessed future. Our parish will receive $16,000, or two-thirds of our parish goal towards the two case elements listed below. Our parish goal is $24,000. If we reach this goal, our parish will receive 90% of all of the funds raised over the goal and these will also be used for the following projects:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $16,000

Element 1: New Roof $11,200

In recent years we have had repairs and patches put on the existing roof. This past week, with the storms blowing through, yet another request for roofing repairs has been noted and is in the works. Since the leaks are severe and possibly doing damage to the pews, it is imperative that we have the roof replaced in order to prevent such damage from occurring. In past years, there have been church volunteers to help with such tasks, but we now face the reality of having professionals to do this task for us. With too many patches and repair jobs, it is time to get a complete roof replacement to avoid more damage to the sanctuary.


Element 2: Furnace Replacement $4,800

The Shrine has long been a haven of peace and welcome to traveling visitors, and to guests, many who are on retreat. The atmosphere in which the pilgrimage is made can determine whether the trip was worth the experience. To help make the experience comfortable, we need to replace the furnace. Certainly, a better communication between pilgrim, parishioner or guest, and our Father, can be made if one is not distracted by environmental deficiencies. A place of warmth and comfort will bring pilgrims back time and again. Please keep in mind, that the Shrine’s furnace is the original, which is over 60 years of age. Parts for this original relic come with outstanding costs.


The Living Our Mission Program provides us the opportunity to assist God’s people not only throughout the Diocese, but also particularly in our parish home at Shrine of the Infant of Prague, Wakefield. Our mission parish represents the only Catholic presence for many miles. As we are called upon to be Church in our area, perhaps especially in our response to the needs of others, we come to live more fully our life in Christ. I am excited about the Living Our Mission Program, as it will help us to grow in our mission to be Church for the world.

Rev. Charles Saglio, Pastor

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