Saint Andrew’s

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $3,230,000


In its early days St. Andrew’s Parish was a small community of Catholics who gathered “on the hill” to celebrate their faith. By living their mission they lovingly built our landmark church with its stellar, towering steeples. The parish has become a visible icon and has remained an attraction and asset to greater Roanoke. Over time, nature’s elements coupled with age have taken a toll on these magnificent steeples. As a result, immediate action is needed to repair and return them to their majestic form. As heirs to the generosity of our founding parish families, we now have the opportunity to ensure that the steeples remain a beacon of our Catholic faith for all to see for generations to come.



In order to keep our church vibrant, alive, and beautiful the members of St. Andrew’s are invited to participate in Living Our Mission. This campaign is designed to provide for the future of our church building as well as its ministries and programs, always remembering that our mission remains that of bearing witness as a faith community to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all need to rise to the occasion! While the work continues around us to address this critical need, every parish household is now asked to prayerfully consider how it can contribute to the success of this important effort.


For over a century St. Andrew’s Church has stood as a symbol of faith in the Roanoke Valley and has served as a spiritual home for generations of Catholics. Now we face the challenge of preserving our historic church while joining with our Bishop in efforts to ensure that future generations will be there to carry forward the mission of Christ.

Rev. Thomas G. Miller

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